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What is FITWEEK?

FITWEEK is an annual week-long event celebrating the power of fitness in your community while raising money for education. 

Fitness enthusiasts across the country host their own FITWEEK classes - think cycling, yoga, HIIT, pilates, boxing, dance, and more. 2018 class proceeds support She’s the First (girls’ education internationally) & DonorsChoose.org (local public school classrooms).

We believe that fitness is a way of life. Movement makes us stronger, good vibes are nonnegotiable, and coming together with friends to give back is our superpower. 

You're invited to join us as a studio partner, class instructor, event sponsor, ambassador, or sign up for a FITWEEK class near you!


The 5th annual FITWEEK is September 22-29, 2018!

Founder Emily Cook Harris will be kicking off in New York City and finishing strong in Los Angeles! Follow @wearefitweek for all the insider info.

No class in your city, no sweat! You can now join the movement via Instagram! Stay tuned for our #fitweek5 challenge where you can workout with us + make an impact for education (and win prizes :))


"Fitness and education are the foundation to a full life. When we work together as a community, we can improve not only our own lives but create opportunities for others to succeed as well."

 - Emily Cook Harris, Founder of FITWEEK