Fit for good.


What is FITWeek?

FITWeek is an annual event that unites the fitness community to pay it forward for education.  It's a celebration of the power of fitness, strength in numbers, and the ability to work hard and be anything you dream. You are invited to join us as studios, ambassadors, sponsors, and health enthusiasts alike, come together to have fun and make an impact for the next generation.

Proceeds from each official FITWeek class benefit our 2017 education nonprofits: She's the First, (NYC), and Reading Partners (Dallas).



EMPOWERED FITWeek is being held this MAY 2017 in NYC & Dallas! 

During the first two weeks of MAY, studios across NYC & Dallas host official FITWeek classes with proceeds supporting education in their local communities and around the world. We'd love for you to join us, sign up for class, and have a blast while paying it forward.


"Fitness and education are the foundation to a full life. When we work together, we can improve not only our own lives but create opportunities for others to succeed as well."

 - Emily Cook Harris, Founder of FITWeek